Saturday, April 26, 2008

80's R Back

So i was up at Gardner Village tonight, and went into a store I love called Posh Flippery. And to my delight, I saw one of my personal favorite things from my childhood, the 80's, inside. I litteraly shreeked in delight. I reminisce about these all the time, and have always been on the look-out for them. You can find originals on ebay for like 100's of dollars, so i was very delighted to see them at Posh Flippery. I had to buy some for pure nostalgic reasons. i have it hanging in my room by my scrapbooking desk. I have to smile when i see it. It was'nt to pricey. But i had to do it anyway! It was about $5 for the chain and $5 dollar for the charms. So i just got a few that I remeber having when i was younger. Im so ganna be a 80's girl for Halloween next year! :)

**I talked with the owner, and she said she has been looking to find them as well and found one jewelry distributer that sold some to her. She has a limited number and probley wont re-order. She has been SLAMNED with people coming into buy them, seeings she previewed it on Good Things Utah last week. So, there is a limited number, so if you want one, or at least want to go look for that trip down memory lane again, you best go sooner then later!
80's r coming back!


Ok, so I know this may not be a big deal to some of you, but for me, this is big! Im not very computer savy. Bryan, is always the one who shows me how to do things on the computer, or really ends up doing them for me. Well, he is asleep and I was playing around on the computer. I have always wanted a song playlist on my blog, but had no idea how to do it. So, after about 45 minutes, I had figured it all out on my own, and had ip posted on my blog. Im very proud of myself! I decided the "help" button is always good, and with some reading, copy and pasting WALAH! I know, probley a small feet, but it sure makes me happy! :)

Those who know me know i have a wide range of music I love. So, i just posted some of my favorites, ones i just love to sing along with, or just make me smile. Yea for me! Enjoy!

Funny things kids say...

Tonight I helped with a church/ward activity. It was a mommy daughter night and dinner. They had diffrent demos ect. I was asked to show some little girl hairstyles. I used Brooke as one of my models. It was alot of fun. when we got in the car she said the FUNNIEST thing! As I start the van and start to back out, she says (funny for those lds friends out there) "so mom, was that like a lady primary, what we just went to?" I was like, "kinda Brooke." Funny she associates all groups at church as primary.

This mad me laugh, and think about how much I love my kids. So it got me thinking. I should tell them more why i love them, and the little personalities they have that make me smile each day.

Brookelyn Rose Livingston-
My PRINCESS! I have dreamed of my little girl I would someday have. In fact, as long as I can remeber, my favorite dolls growing up, or anytime I played house, my girls were always named Brookelyn. My mom can even prove that as well. I have loved that name! So when Bryan and I got married, and I became preg with Brooke, i informed Bryan that if it was a girl, she HAD to be named Brookelyn. She is such a blessing in our life. She is so smart (like her daddy) and is always full of questions. She LOVES to read. When reading finally clicked at the beginning of this yr (1st grade) she was hooked! She loves all girly things, and if anything has sparkels, she is LOVES it instantly. She has been taking dance for 2 yrs now, and loves it. She is such a great help to me exspecially when it comes to her brothers. Brenin loves her, and the 2 of them really have a great bond. Little things excite her, and she is SO POLITE! She is a goord friend, and nice to everyone. I LOVE her with all my heart, and I look forward to contiune to see her grow, and somday become a mother as well. :)

Vincent Kieth Livingston-The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Vince is a old soul. This kid is a crack up, and each day he says the FUNNIEST things. Everyone who meets or know him, fall in love fast, and continue to tell me he is a crack up, and they just love to talk with him just to see what he will say next. One of my first funniest memorys of something he said was when he was 3. I was cleaning up my living/ area one day. I decided it was due time to move the couches and vacumn and dust behind them. When i moved the big couch, I saw a box of old melted popsicles. I asked "who did this"! Vince chims in "me mommy". I then ask "why did you do that?" And with all seriousness in his tone, he said "mom, I wanted to play hide and seek with the posicles, I guess the popsicles won." I kid you not. That is just Vince! He is so good at any sort of veido game, and can really cruch you in a game of mario cart. He is also the most sweetest, loving, sensitive boy. He will be the first to offer you a 'Vincent cuddle' whenever you r down or sick. When i had my hudge mouth surgery, he laid by me in my bed for a good 30 minutes rubbing my arm and telling me it was ok. And polite, he is! And so creative. He comes up with games and make believe all the time, that really blows my mind. He can always make you laugh, and has so much energy. I love him from all my heart, and the women he marry sone day will be quite a special/ happy women.

Brenin Glade Livingston- MY BABY! That kid is my own work out plan. CHASE CHASE CHASE all day. But boy is he smart. He will figure anything out, and studied every action or thing he sees. You can almost see him look at something, and see the wheels turning in his mind to try and figure it out. He laugh is infectious. His appetite as big as a lion. He is are human 'garbage disposal". So dang cute. Mimics anything you do. Learns by observation. Thinks he is about 10. Loves to sing. Loves you to rub his back.Facial expressions he makes can have you cracking up. Loves cars, anything with wheels really. Loves being outside. Tough. Strong. Brenin will always be such a light in our life. And our lives have been just a littel bit better by having him in it.

Im one lucky mom.

Monday, April 21, 2008

The wedding

Forgot to post
these with the last blog. Look how young we looked, and how SKINNY I was!


I found this questioner on another blog and thought it was kinda fun. You fill it out about your hubby. I would LOVE to hear Bryan's response to these. :) See if we match up.

I do know with all my heart and being though I married the most perfect guy. We r perfect together and i love how i learn something new about him, still to this day. He is also the smartest PERSON i know. Honestly. I tell everyone my husband is so smart. He makes me smile. And im so happy for the almost 9 yrs (July) we have had together, and the many more years to come! Love ya Bry!

1. Where did you meet?
We were set up on a blind date. I worked with a girl he knew, and right before my bday, she asked "Amy what do you want for your birthday"? Being funny and the wise crack I am, I said "A man". So, that next week she brought Bryan in and said you guys would be perfect together. We went out, and the rest is history. :) Best Birthday present ever! See it pays tp be a wise crack!

2. What was the first thing you said to him?
Thats actually a funny story. The friend who set us up knew that if she told me she was bringing in a guy to meet me, i would of freaked and ran! So, she told me nothing. At the time I worked at Taylor Maid salon, and when he came in I was doing a color correction from a VERY anery women. Bryan came in, and just stood there watching me. i turned and said "um, can I help you". Thus the first words I ever spoke to my future husband.

3. Where was your first date?
We went to Octavios in Provo. And went and saw Titanic in the movies. I remeber thinking he must have alot of money. LOL!

4. Where was your first kiss?
At my apartment in Provo. Watching a movie "swingblade". I was falling asleep on the couch, and he came over and kissed me. It was very "snow whiteish".

5. How long did you date?
That depends. when Bryan and i first went out, I was actually interested in someonelse. So, i kinda tried to distance myself from Bryan alot. He finally gave up. And for 2 months we did not talk. But, I thought of him ALL THE TIME! And apparently I talked about him alot, my family and friends said. And one day my friend said "for someone who likes someone else, you sure to talk about Bryan alot." I decided, i was DUMB and made the decsion i was ganna call him one day after work. I got up the courage, and came home from work, determined to call him. When i walked in the door, there was a message from my roomate, that read 'Amy, some guy called Bryan called, and wants you to call him". I about died! I called him, and we decided for a date the next night. From that point on, it was over and pretty fast. We became exclusive in October and were married July 10th 1999 after a 3 month engagement. I can honestly say though, he called me back first! LOL! It was so meant to be, and once i woke up and realized it, i couldnt of been happier.

6. Where did you get engaged?
Bryan, after I had a stressful day at work, took me to a spot on Provo river, on a dock. The place was called Wishing Point. Why we stood there for a minute, he said close your eyes and make a wish. I did, and when i opened up my eyes, he was on his knee with a ring. He then said "You know what my wish is, for you to be my wife. " Come on people! ROMANTIC! By the way i was clueless and had no idea that was coming!

7. When were you married?
July 1o, 1999

8. How did your reception go?
I loved it! it was so pretty. It was downstairs at the Provo Courthouse. (same place my high school proms always were. Ironic ey?) Lots of family came down from California, and lots of old friends. I remember towards the end saying to Bry "lets go". But he wanted to stay until the very end. He loved seeing all his old friends, and it was such a fun party! When we finally did leave, i was trying to clean up, and my family was getting mad at me saying "you dont need to do this Amy. Go on your honeymoon already."

9. How was your honeymoon?
FUN! Since Bryan was self employed, we had a long time to be gone. I had not used my vacation time, so we went for it! We had a 2 week honeymoon. The first night we went to a little bed and breakfast in Manti. Then it was down to Mesquite (bry grandma had a condo) for a few days. Then off to California! We went to Disneyland, Sea World, and Universal Studios. SO FUN!

10. This was such a cute thing. It was fun to re-live everything again by typing it and remebering. I so want to see Bry do this!

This blog thing

So, i have gotten lots of comments from people saying they love my blog, and that i have one. So, i suppose I will keep this thing going. YEA! A lady from my ward gave me the greatest idea yesterday about what to do with your blog. She said at the end of each year, she prints out all her blogs, and puts them all in a book for her kids. Seeings it is her journaling anyway, and it is something the kids can have for family history. Good idea ey? She said sometimes she even gets fancy and puts them in categories, and makes the books that way, ie: all the family outing blogs she prints and puts them in a book called "our Family Outings", or the bday ones, Christmas ones ect. Im so ganna do that! Thanks for the idea Jen!

Happy blogging!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Forgot one!

Can u believe i forgot a pix. This one goes with the boys version. Im may blow these ones up for a wall in my house.

Our Fun Little Outings

For Spring break this yr, i vowed to do some good family/fieldtrip time. In one day, we did 2 things actually. One ealier in the afternoon, then one in the evening. First we were off to the Living Planet Aquarium. Then it was the Thanksgiving Point Dinosaur museum. (we bought a yr pass to Thanksgiving Point i reccomend it) The kids had alot of fun. After the aquarium, Brenin crashed hard, so we decided I would take the older kids to the Dino museum, why Bry and Brenin went home. I have to say though, i really dont think the Aquarium is worth the money, but the museum on the other hand, GREAT!

I look at these pix, and just smile. My kids r so cute! Brooke is bueatiful, Vince is a CHEEZER, but oh so handsome, and Brenin, i could just eat him up! I dont understand why though, Vince thinks he has to chezzy smile every pix of him! LOL. And i need to loose some MAJOR weight, and actually style my hair once in awhile! LOL!

Oh, and just a side note, yes the kids r wet in that one pix. They enjoyed the stingray/petting area a litte to much. HE HE HE

Warm, nice weather

YIPPEE! We finally had a nice warm day the other day. I was so glad it fell on a day of the kids Spring break so they were able to go outside and enjoy it. On that particular day i was watching my good friend Julie's girls. They all had a blast playing together. Its really neat and im very thankful for all the friends in my kids and I life. Its really cool also, cause literally Julie and i have been friends since High School, and we were pregnant for the first time together. Brookelyn, and Julie's daughter our 4 months apart. Brooke loves to talk about how Janika and her have been friends since they were in side our tummies. TOO CUTE!

Here our some pix's of them out in our back yard. Action/random shots r so fun! :)

Saturday, April 12, 2008


we did the coolest thing with the kids. We sent away for butterflies. They give you a net/cage for them and send you catapillars, and you watch them for weeks, until they make and go into cacoons, then they hatch into butterflies after a few weeks. It's so fun to watch them go through all the stages. I have to say, Brookelyn fell in love with this the most. She loved loved it! After a few days when they r finally butterflies your to set them free. We had opened the cage and all 4 flew out instead of this one. It stayed for awhile. Flew on the kids let them touch her ect. and finally flew away after...10 MINUTES! I kid u not. It was so cool. Brooke said "ive never been this close to a butterfly, let alone touched it." Brooke named her flutter. I ran and grabbed my camera. I was not planning on taking pix, so please ignore the messy kids. (exspecially Brenin). LOL! Brenin kept saying "Duck (what he calls Brooke, he thinks it is Brooke i guess) look bug" it was cute. And Vince, lol, he could care less! LOL!

Brookelyn's 7th Birthday Party

My little girl, bug-a-boo (as we affectionatly call her)turned 7 on March 30th. Time flies by, i tell you what! Anyway, we had a birthday party for her and a few friends at a place called Kangaroo Zoo. I highly reccomend this place! Its a big place that has a lot of diffrent jumping, castle like things for kids to jump on and giant slides to slide down. We also rented out one of the theme rooms for her. The room was called the flower room. Brooke loved loved loved it! They had a special seat just for her and the front of the room, called the birthday princess chair, Brooke was in heaven!
I seriously cannot believe she is 7. Next year we will be baptising her.

Trying this thing called blog

Ok ok, so ive known about blogging for awhile, I just never thought i would want or do one, until now. Lots of people I know have one, wich I LOVE LOOKING AT and I love how it keeps me informed with my friends lives, and pictures ect. So, i to wanted to take part in this. So now instead of telling the same story to a million diffrent people and showing pictures ect, now i will just post it all once on my blog, and if you choose to read it, will keep informed with my life ect. Im hoping i will know how to do this and set it up. But, so far so good! I love technology! Laters!