Thursday, November 12, 2009

Saturday, November 7, 2009

School Pictures

Here are Brookelyn and Vincent's new school pictures. I know im partial...but OH MY! Super cute!! They look so big! I love how blue Vincent's eyes look. And, Brooke...I cannot believe that is my daughter! so proud of them.

Brookelyn-3rd grade
Vincent- 1st grade

Happy Halloween

I love Halloween! I love everything about it. And, lucky for me so do my kids! We had fun this yr. We went to the Gardner Village Halloween hay ride to meet a witch, watched a fun Halloween kid friendly movie each night, made cookies, threw our annual family Halloween party, and of course..TRICK OR TREATING! We had alot of trick or treaters this yr. Most in all the 10yrs we were here. I finaly gave up and just sat on the porch. Bryan took the kids out and dressed up as well. He was a SUMO westler and I cannot tell you how many people came to my house trick or treating saying the saw Bryan around and how awsome he looked. :) Everyone loved our fog bubble machine this yr to. Big hit! Now, on to Thanksgiving!

First Day Of Preschool

It has been forever since i have blogged. So, i decided that i would update. I use to be so much more on-top of this. One thing I do know is i have become so busy in the last few months. It makes for an exciting life, but does not make time for the small thigs anymore. Crazy! I will try better!

Anyway, as promised, we will start with Brenin's first day of preschool pictures.He just loves preschool! He is going to the same school that Brookelyn and Vincent went to. I really love this school and all the staff. You can tell Brenin really likes it and is learning alot. He has made alot of friends and i have enjoyed the 3 days a week kidless. It was really wierd the first day without any kids at home. Wow, cannot believe he is almost 4. :)