Thursday, July 23, 2009

Forgot My fav Cruise Picture

Ya, can you belive it, actually forgot some! LOL!

The Cruise

The main reason why we went on this little California adventure was to be able for Bryan and I to go on a week long cruise along the Mexican rivera for our 10yr anniversary! SO GREAT! My great sister Wendy who lives down in Cal. offered to watch the kids while Bryan and I left for our cruise. So, after spending a week in California with the kids going to Disneyland ect. Brya and I were off for a FABULOUS cruise! We sailed for a week and ported first in Cabo San Lucas, then to Mazablaun and then Porta Viarta. We sailed on Royal Carribean, wich is HUDGE! It has everything, a ice skating ring, movie theater little strip mall, 3 pools, climbing walls, minuture golf course, many resturants, and theaters, and dance clubs, and one big main dining room. We loved the people at our table each night. A couple from L.A. and one family from Logan...small world! We had lots of fun and alot of relaxation! The excursions we took Cabo we just went to there private beach resort and had a pretty bean to lay on all day as well as a pool. They fed us and it was really lovley. In Mazablan we went on a interesting sight seeing and shopping tour. It was kinda a sad, dirty place. Lots of begging. Porta Viarta was much nicer then Mazablan. Here we actually went on a hike in the Jungle..yes me..and saw many many interesting things. On the hike we saw HUDGE bugs and spiders. And Iguana's just in the trees. I even went on a Indiana Jones like Bridge! ME! Once we were on the top, we were able to swim in all these natural waterfalls and pools. It was a mazing! It was also where they filmed the movie Preditor. Bry thought that was pretty cool! It was a FABULOUS 10 yr aniv. Cruise!!


Disneyland Part 2

cOn our 2nd day of Disneyland, we were all just as excited as we were the first day! The first day we were there from 6am-to closing! When we got back to the room, we all crashed, and did it again the next day! :)Lots of fun stuff happned this day to. We went to a Disney Princess Dinner thing that was so awsome! Yummy food, and best of all about 4 princess come out one by one and got to go to each table for like 5-6 minutes to talk to you all and to take pictures! Very Personal and SUPER CUTE! Brooke was in heaven.It;s a little spendy, but worth it. For the food, and having all the princess coming to visit with your kids! No long line to take a Princess pix normaly for like 2 minutes. That was also on Bryan's Bday...what a sweet Daddy to share his bday dinner with princess all for Brooke to see. Snow White called him the cutest daddy!
Brookelyn also got to meet her most favortie Disney characters, Tinker Bell and her fairy friends. You stand in a line, and when its your turn, you get to go in Tink's little village in these tall flowers. SO WORTH IT! Its a long line, over by Ariel Goratto but fun. We went early. It was cute though cause Brooke had her tink shirt on, so Tink was so extra cute with her and played a 5 minute game of tinker tag with Brooke. BROOKE WAS IN YA YA HAPPY LAND with that one! Got some great pixs.
Brooke and Vince favorite ride was Flying Over California! It was all so much fun! And we even got to meet The Big Cheese

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Vacation: Disneyland part 1

Yea! We are back from are 3 week super vacation!There are a lot of things we did, and a lot of pictures were taken, sorry for all these pictures you get to look at. :) I decided to brake it into parts. I hope you will enjoy them!
Part 1: first day at Disneyland
We stayed at the Grand California resort and hotel, it is attatched to Disneland California Adventure! It was so Great! Fun to be staying that close to the parks, you could just walk right in to ither California Adventure, or into Disneyland. We had a awsome theme room. It was like a woodsy Snow White Room. The kids loved it!! Bryan and I had a queen bed at one end of the room, while the kids had a bunk-bed type bed. They were all about that! Disneyland knew Bryan and I 10yr aniverrsary was coming so they decorated our bed with rose petals and robes!! Totally cute! Even had all day Disney channels on the tv in the room, and at night one channel just has all the Disney Princess say a bedtime story. SO CUTE! Highly suggest having that hotel expierence at least once. By staying here you also get early entry. You get to go in at 6, while the park opens to the public at 8. You get right on rides that usually have a big line.

On the first day the kids were just in awe! It was Brenin's first time and it was just so magical for him. Vince got to do the jedi training thing in Tommorrow Land. Have you heard of this? If not it is so worth to take your kid to do. Oh MY! Vince was in heaven. They train these kids they pick from the audience to fight like a jedi. Then they get to fight Vador or Darth Mall. Vince fought Vador on stage it was so cute!! Vince was just in awe and all the kids were also. At the end, when the jedi's defeat Vador he goes away, and the kids are given a certificate saying they are a jedi. There is costumes and everything, and it such a big deal for you r kids to fight Vador. Totally you should try it! I was jumping up and down like an idiot trying to get Vince picked, and it worked. course they do pick alot!