Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Brookelyn's Baptism

Just A reminder to family and friends out there. Brooke's baptisim is this Saturday at 9am at the stake center.(for family, the church by mom;s house) We would love for you all to come.

The address is The Gateway Stake Center
2150 N. Point Meadow Drive (about 1500 W.)

Hope to see you there! Remember 9am.

**If you planned on coming here to our house first and following us there, we wont be here so it would be best to just meet us at the stake center. We have to be at the Stake center by 8am for orientation ect. so noone will be at our house.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Having fun!

So, i was on a other friends blog and she had a link to a fun little site where you can make fake magazine covers with pictures you have. I found this one of me with A. long hair, and B. SYUFFING MY FACE!! Random fun I tell ya! go to and click on Magazine covers.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Online Party I'm throwing!

You are invited to a
Lu Kels Boutique online
party hosted by:
Amy Livingston
Lu Kels is an online boutique that carries chic jewelry,
handbags, purse accessories, wallets, t-shirts, cadet hats,
baby accessories, and so much more….
When you place an order online at,
enter Amy’s name in the Party Host box under the
Billing Information during checkout. This ensures that she
will get credit for each order placed during her party.
This party will run from April 3 to April 12, 2009.
Have fun shopping!!!
Lu Kels was featured on Good Things Utah on January 19
on abc4 in SLC. To watch this clip goto:

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Brookelyn's Bday

Brookelyn had a birthday party this year with a few friends at her favorite store Justice For Girls! She had a "fashion designer party" and all the girls, exspecially Brookelyn had a blast! They got all there hair done, got to put on makeup, make there own tshirt to take home, got to pick any 6 things from the bins in the front, and got to walk through the store and do a fashion show to the people of the shirts they made. It was WAY cute and cool! You get alot of stuff with that party and they end up taking alot home. Makeup, shirts, ect. I would really reccomend it to anyone who needs ideas for a bday party. It is worth the money, at east the "fashion designer party". they have other themes to pick from. They all had fun, and Brooke is still talking about it, and thanking us. Now, sorry about all the pix's. These were just so good to not put them all up. And I still have tonz that I did not put on! LOL! Enjoy, or skip. There is alot!

Brenin's Bday

March is a crazy month for us in birthdays. Brenin's is March 4th and Brookelyn's is on the 30th. Anywho, im REALLY late on the bloggin front on Brenin's bday, so i had some time today, so im getting around to those pix. I will do Brookelyn's next. Sorry, be prepared for lots of bday pixs from us! LOL!

Brenin's 3rd Bday party! I cannot believe he is 3 already! WOW, where did the time go!!