Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Came And Went

Isnt is funny all the preperations and excitment that lead to Christmas, then its all over in a flash? This year Christmas really seemed to go fast. It never really felt like Christmas to me for some reason. Im thinking that part of it may be because Thanksgiving was so late this year. i dunno, to me it seemed like we celebrated Thanksgiving and boom it was Christmas. I dunno, maybe im rambling and it only felt this way to me. But anyhow, thats what it felt like to me.

We did have a AWSOME christmas though. It was really fun this year cause the kids were really into it and that was alot of fun. My kids also must of been really good this year, cause they made out from Santa! In fact on Christmas morning when all the presents were open, and breakfast (yummy big breakfast made by Bryan) was eaten, Vincent came up stairs to tell me "Mom, I love Christmas, Santa is a good guy." :)

Also, for Christmas Bryan got me a wonderful gift! A wedding ring! The exact one I just had that was lost by that one place.(see the above blog entry titled "my ring" for whole story.) He actually found the ring. I still have credit at the one jewelry place I intend to use, but for now, im glad i have my ring. He also got me a HUDGE flat screen tv. Guess where it was installed when I got up Christmas morning to see it. In my bathroom by my big tub. Yep, I have a great hubby! But, actually we have decided now to actually move it into our room instead. Probley makes more sense. But, i have to give him props for thinking to put it by my the bath, one of my favorite places in the house. :)

Bryan got little things from me cause we actually are planning on getting a new bed for our room, and that is what Bryan is actually getting for Christmas, we havent gotten it yet though cause we can't make up our mind! LOL! Soon.

I do have pictures to post, but i cannot find the computer plug for the digital to load right now, and Bryan isnt home. So those will be posted later. I so hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, because probley before we know it, it will be Christmas again! :)

Monday, December 15, 2008

Merry Christmas funny!

This is so funny! You should watch it! I did a diffrent one last year, but it just does not get old!

Merry Christmas from The Livingstons

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas's Past

Found some old Christmas pix that make me happy! I just love Christmas and im glad i have all these memories of Christmas and my kids! These we will charish forever!
Enjoy! Look how small Vince and Brooke were. The little boy in the little baby in the red santa feete pjs is Vince!

The Christmas card!

Oh my! Christmas just came out of nowhere! Crazy its here! i hope you are all having a great Season! We are! Well, ive been so busy this year, that we were not able to acutually send Christmas Cards this year, We havegotten lots, and thaks to all you who sent us one, but please dont be offended we did not send you a card from us, cause nobody got one! LOL! So consider this our Chritmas card!
MERRY CHRISTMAS from The Livingstons!

All is well in Livingston Land. The kids are busy with school and all there activities. Brookelyn will be turning 8 in March and will be being babtized! SO SUREAL! My first kid to get babtised. She is very excited for it. She is growing so fast. She is still taking dance classes, She has been dancing since she was 5 so she is really loving it. In fact her dance Christmas recital is tomorrow. She also just started gymnastics and is LOVING IT! She is quite obssesed and is pretty darn good at it. Very brave, but most of all the smile on her face when she is there is priceless. And i love everyone there and I love her gym teacher. She is in 2nd grade and loving it. She is just such a good reader! She loves loves it! I was proud cause her teacher tested her reading and she passed up to a 5th grade level. So she is in 2nd grade but reading at a 5th grade level! WOW! I just love my girl! She is so sweet, and responsible, talented, and cares about everyone. And boy...Does she love High School Musical! And now after tonight The ballet Nuckcracker that we just went and saw tonight.

Vincent started kindergarden this year and is loving it. So is mom! i so love his teacher mrs. Burke and so does Vince. He is such a caring sensitive boy and a RIOT! I have other teachers from school, church and other kids parents will make a point to meet me and say how sweet and funny Vince is. He comes home everyday with little notes and presents from girls in his class. He is ganna be out little heart breaker. He is quite the gamer. Loves anything Mario and is very good at Mario, Wii, and Xbox. he can kick your trash and he is 5! oh, and his imagination. I can see him being a author when he grows up with his imagination. He is is music class and loving it and next year he will be starting his beloved karate and hopefull gymnastics as well.

Brenin is 2 and will be 3 in march and well thinks he is older. He still loves to have me cuddle him and i just love it. He is a explorer, smart and has NO FEAR! He is obssessed with anythig cars. Probley be a nascar driver or something when he growns up. Loves his nursery class at church and cant wait to start preschool next year.

Bryan is still very sucssessful in his business. Its growing with leaps and bounds. He just recently purchased a office space and was able to hire an employee. His compnay is so growing and is doing well, we are blessed. His company is Livingston technologies, but his main site is You should check it out. This year Bryan was realesed from Scouts at church. He had that calling for 4 yrs. We were able to pay off both our cars annd the big thing...OUR HOME! We have paid off our home. We are so happy and blessed! We are literally DEBT Free! Bryan also started Piano this last year. He is SO DANG good at it and really enjoys it. he is moving up fast and his teacher has told him she wishes he took when he was younger cause he would of been quite the prodigy now. He defenitly has a talent, that has come to him quite fast. Its amazing.

Amy, me, is still alive and kicking. Iam still the Visit Teacher Cordinator in our ward and that takes ALOT of my time, but I have really loved it and the people i serve with. I also this year am helping every Tuesday with Brookes School class. That has been fun for me, and Brooke just loves it. Its fun to see your kid once a week in that teaching/school enviroment. Im also still in my dance class. This is my 5 year. I love it and I love the people. i reccomend everyone finding a great adult women dance class and joing it. Its fun, and you get a great work out. I also this year have had MANY MANY MANY big issues and surgeries with my mouth. SO MUCH! Many invasive surgeries! Hopefully they will end soon! They have taperd tonz and now its just small little things that need to be done. Im also a human taxi, I am also driving my kids here or there or what not. MOMS TAXI! :)

We also added a new addition to our family. A cute litte Pug Puppy we named Pugsley! OH SO CUTE! We all just LOVE HIM!

That is pretty much us this past year. We are all excited for Christmas and all hope you have a Happy and Merry Christmas! We love you all!

Merry Christmas,
The Livingstons