Sunday, June 29, 2008


I been tagged a few times from people to do this. And, just got done reading a friends version on her blog, and thought.....WHY NOT! Its fun to read other peoples, so i hope you like to read mine. :) Also, just a disclaimer, I just got back from being in St. George since Thursday, so im a little vacation tired, so if these answers dont make sense, im sorry now. LOL!

I've Been Tagged

5 Things I was doing 5 years ago
1-Just about a month away from giving birth to Vincent
2-probley feeling miserable being so pregnant in June
3-Telling Brooke about her baby brother Vincent coming, and her replying "r u sure"?
4-Getting ready to start hudge home remodling projects
5-I actually think I may of been in California visiting sister or just back.

5 Things to do on my To-Do List Today
1-sleep in my own bed, since ive been on vacation
2-unpack the car
3-unpack the bags
5-catching up on emails and church calling stuff

5 Things I would do if I suddenly became a billionaire
1-build dreamhouse
3-hire a full time maid and maybe cook
4-money for kids trust funds
5-Maybe sponser some charity

3 of my Bad Habits
1-Always being tired
2-not really being on top of my laundry
3-second guessing myself
4-eating to much
5-not excersizing more

5 Places I have visited (
1-Walt Disney World
5-NEW YORK ******SOMEDAY**** have not been there yet actually. :)

5 Jobs I have had
1-Bagger at a grocery store
3-Claires Boutique
4-Great Clips for hair as stylist
5-currently mommy to 3 kids.

5 Things Most People Don't Know About Me
1-our house is paid off
2-our cars our paid off
3-I dont like flying
4-i dont like rollercoasters
5-Not a big spicy food eater

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cool Text is now even Cooler!

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Family Pictures

Tis the season again! Last Year at this time, i went and got family pictures done. We had not done that since Brooke was born (I KNOW BAD) and I jus loved getting recent pix's. I decided right then and there that i was going do this every year at this time. So, it was that time again. We got them done last week and it was quite the expierence. We had 2 things going against us, but luckily they did not show up on the pictures. The 2 problems, Brooke was sick with a fever and Brenin was a crying screaming mess and did not want to be there. But luckily the photographer was great and would get Brenin happy in a sec and snap the picture. And Brooke just grinned and bared it. Anyway, here r some of the pose's we picked and ordered. I didnt put the ones we ordered of the kids seperatly. But if you r interested you can go online and look at all the pictures they took. I just love my little family.

go to The session name is under Amy Livingston.And the access code is LTTT0890104221TAR EnjoyAmy

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Camping in The Backyard

Bryan has wanted to do this for quite awhile, and tonight was the night to bring a thought into reality. Bryan wanted to pitch a tent in our backyard, and have a campout with the 2 oldest kids, Brookelyn and Vincent. Complete with smores, games, stories, the works. Brookelyn and Vince were so happy and excited. And most importantly, I love my husband for wanting to do this, and actually making it happen. He is such a good Daddy.

Thanksgiving Point Gardens

We met up with my sister and her kids along with my mom the other day to go to The Thanksgiving Point Gardens. It was a pretty hot day so the kids had a lot of fun playing in the Noah's Ark water thing. We discovered as well, that Brenin is quite the water bug. He loved getting wet, and the more wet he became the happier he was. When it was time to go, he had the biggest meltdown and for a few days after asked to go to water outside at least 3 times a day! It was alot of fun, and im sure we will be going there alot more this Summer. Next idea is to picnic there as a family. Two thumbs up for the Thanksgiving Point Year pass. :)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Who would of thought...Dollar Tree

So a few months agao, Brooke asked if she could have her room decorated diffrent. We figured, sure seeings she had no changes in her room other then when we took down her crib and gave her a big bed. So, we started with new furniture, and had her room painted lavender. I found these cute wall night lights at Ikea, and bought those. Out went her princess decor she had (she wanted that gone) and in came a "flower room". Anyway, here and there we r still doing things to her room. Well, you can imagine my excitement when i was at Dollar Tree last week and saw these cute wall stickers. I thought, hu, why not. So last night i worked on her room. And POOF a complete transformation. She loves them, and they look really cute and are actually really good quality. I kid you not, DOLLAR TREE! They r removable if you want to take them off and leave no wall damage. (i tried already to double check) and they look really cool, and r on very good. No falling off. Anyway, wanted to share the joy and the info. Never know what you r ganna find a Dollar Tree. Brookelyn is such a happy camper.

Brookelyn's Dance Recital

Brookelyn had her end of the year dance recital this weekend. She was so FANTASTIC! We were so proud. The theme of the recital was "Wizzard Of Oz". She was part of the red muchkins. She had 2 dances and did really well. She was most excited about the makeup she got to wear and the trophy she got at the end of the recital. Her first trophy ever, and im thinking probley not her last in her lifetime. :)