Friday, March 27, 2009

She is getting older!

This Monday my little girl will turn 8. As i have been getting ready today wrapping presents, and getting the last details of her party done, it has caused me to really reflect about Brookelyn, and her getting older. I mean, she was my first born. Seems like just yesterday i found out at the OB that i was carring her, a girl. i was so so happy to be having a girl! I mean, her name has been picked out since I was probley about 8. When Bryan and I became engaged, and talked about our future kids, I said 'just so you know, we will be naming our first girl Brookelyn Rose' luckily he was cool with that, but i guess it equaled out in the end cause Bryan had a similair vision with the boy name. he said "ok, just so you know we are naming our first boy Vincent'. :)
Anyway, we have loved having our little Brookelyn, aka-bug a boo, in our family. She is such a sweet girl. So responsible and a great big sister to her 2 little brothers. talented, artistic and oh so smart. Within the last few months, I have seen her doing little things (personality wise, face expressions, ect.) that are SO ME! it is so strange to see that. Bryan has said before "she is so you Amy." That makes me happy. WOW! 8 yrs old. Time flies! And im so happy and excited that she has chosed to be babtized. That really wierds me out. Brookelyn getting babtized! So cool, but really puts in perspective how old she is getting. or should i say 'how old im getting!' LOL!
I will post pictures of her party in the next little bit. She is having her party at "justice for girls" and is so excited. Wish me luck! HA HA!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Found These

I've been pretty sick this week and have been held up in my house as a result. So, needless to say I was on the computer alot. Anyway, I did my most favorite thing. Go through our picture files on the computer and find some really old pictures! I just love to re-see these pictures, and remeber when they were taken. You forget how small your kids are sometimes. Anyway, just thought I would share some. Way cute!