Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My "Sweet" Husband

I just wanted to do a shout out to my sweet hubby! While he was at the office today I was kinda having A day! Well, ive been kinda been having a week like that. Anayway, I really made no big annoucment i was down in any way, and never tried to drop hints to Bryan or anything. So, what im about to say, Bryan did all on his own. I came home from the kids music class tonight and i came home to dinner on the table and most important...a box of YUMMY chcolates on the table. I smiled and said "whats this?" And he said he just thought I needed something nice and wanted to get me a suprise! I LOVE HIM!!! He is always doing stuff like that for me. Romantic random stuff. There was the time we were dating and he had single roses hid around my apartment once when i came home from work, adding to 2 dozen roses after all were found. The time when i told him in the first few weeks of us dating that when i was in 2nd grade i sold so many chcolate bars i could for the school fundraiser so i could earn this triangle highlighter. It was the bare minim prize but i SO wanted that! I made the requirement, but for some reason when they were gave out, my name was not called and i recieved nothing. I was to embarrassed to say anything so i let it go. It was such a trimatic event for me. All i wanted was the triangle highlighter. Then just 3 yrs ago, OUT OF THE BLUE a UPS man came and delivered me a package while Bry was at work. I opened it and there were 100's of triangle highlighters in the box with a note from Bry, "Never forgot what you told me" "here are your triangle highlighters you never got." "I love you!"

It's stuff like that. I really love him and i wanted him to know it. And i wanted him to know, those chocolates could not have come at a better time today! And thanks for just being intuned with me just enough to know "i think my wife needs chcolates today". I love you babe!