Thursday, August 20, 2009

First Day Of School

Tis the season! It's that time again.:) Back to School! This year Brookelyn entered into 3rd grade. She is so dang excited, and lovee every minute of her first day back to school. She is with her friends, and even made new ones. Her teachers seem AWSOME! She has team teachers this year, wich she also had team teachers in first grade so it was not to strange for her. These teachers seem AWSOME! There names are Mrs. Avis and Mrs. Blackhurst. I really think Brooke will learn alot this year. Vince started 1st grade. His first year at school all day long and being able to eat lunch at school in the lunchroom. He just loves his class, His teacher seems really good to. Her name is Ms. Christensen. Im really excited for Vince and he cannot wait to learn to read. Brooke was such a help to Vince today at school and lunch. It just makes me so happy they have each other, and just warms my heart that Brooke was there for her lil brother. I know for sure now that I am raising some pretty dang good kids. They are getting so old, it is speeding right on by. Im ganna soke in every minute of it!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Vincent Birthday

This year for Vincent's bday we decided to have a party at Kangaroo Zoo with all the Vincent had a really great time. He said turning 6 was the bestest! We asked him after Kanagaroo Zoo where he wanted to go for dinner, he could go to anywhere he wanted. Guess what he chose...Sizzler. He wanted to go there cause he can get watermelon and boiled eggs at the salad bar there. Bryan and I laughed so hard! But, that is exactly where we went for his bday dinner. He is VERY easy to please and such low maintnence. :)