Friday, November 21, 2008

Childrens Museum

2 weekends ago Bryan and I took the kids to The Discovery Childrens Museum at the Gateway. The kids had alot of fun. They really like this one exhibit where there were tubes of air and you could put balls in them and they would move through all the tubes. Brenin was a big fan. One of the funniest things to was Brenin driving around the museum in a toy car. HE WAS IN HEAVEN! Santa may just need to bring him one of those this year! Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Wedding Ring

Ok, so this really makes me mad and sad on so many levels, and one of the only things I can think to help me feel a little better is to VENT! And to pass along the word to possibly help any of you in the future. Brace yourself, its quite a story.

Bryan and I were married almost 10yrs this coming July. About 2 yrs ago when i was in California after Brenin was born we went up to the cemetery to see my dad's grave who had passed away 4 months ealier. While we were visiting his grave site, our car was broken into, and my purse was stolen. AT THE CEMETERY no less. When we got back to the car and noticed what happned, i was devistated, mainly cause the day before we had gone to the beach, and i took my wedding ring off and placed it in my purse. And, being a idiot, i had not put it back on. So, yes my ring was stolen. It was a horrible time. But, that next christmas, while out on a date, my hubby presented me with a new ring. It was GORGEOUS! Totally diffrent from the first ring, and although i missed the sentimental value of my "original" ring, I loved this one just as much. Now, brace gets worse. Hense the fore warning.

About a month ago, while at SouthTowne mall we ran into a jewlry place that rymes with "Ray Jewlery" to have a ring Bry had gotten me there tightned. While in there we decided to give them my wedding ring to have clean and have one small small diamond replaced. They said they could do it. No problem. We felt good about it seeings the company was wide known and had a good reputation. A few weeks later i went into the shop to retrieve my rings. And guess what, they only had one ring and it was not my wedding ring. You know what happned, THEY LOST IT! I KID YOU NOT! Bryan was so mad, and i was crushed. It's been weeks, and a lawyer later and the end result is my ring cannot be found. They have given us store credit, but i am NOT about to give them my business. So, there you have it, my second wedding ring gone! Im so mad and hurt about this. And, if you can, I reccomend avoiding this jewelry place. The joke, cause we have to find light somewhere, is either A. Bryan and I should not be married, or B. I just like Bryan to keep getting me wedding rings and reproposing. Either way, I feel like my heart keeps getting ripped out of my chest!

New Kids On The Block Concert......

AND IM NOT ASHAMED! I was able to go to the New Kids On The Block this last Saturday at The E Center. My mom pitty me and went with me. Can I just tell you I had So much fun! I was instantly blasted back to my childhood. I was a hudge fan of the NKOTB in my younger years and when i heard they were going on tour again, and coming to SLC at that, I had to go. I got my tickets back in like May so i was glad to finally have the day here. I was very impressed with there concert. I so got my money worth, and for a couple of older guys now, they can really rock! We had fantastic seats and at one point they walked a short way through the audience and i was able to touch one of there shoulders. I actually could not see who i touched, some tall screaming lady was in front of me, but i touched one of them. LOL! I was so 12 again! I was mad though cause i brought my camera, but saw they were searching bags and decided to leave my camera in the car. But, my bag actually did not get searched, and lots of people had camera's and they E center people could actually care less. I WAS SO MAD! I could of got some great pix's. Oh well, at least i was probley following the rules in the long run and i should get brownie points for that! Anyway, here r pix's i did take. :) I did take some on my phone inside, but i need Bryan to show me how to get them on to the computer. :) enjoy

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Halloween came and went in The Livingstons house, but fun was had by all! Brooke was Alice from Alice And Wonderland. Vince was Captian Hook, Brenin was Peter Pan. Bryan and I were a 80's girl and a rocker dude! FUN!

Husband Tag

I was tagged by Julie so here it goes...

Here are the rules:Make sure at the end of this tag, you tag 4 people and post their name, then go to their blogs and let them know they have been tagged.Answer these questions about your husband then tag four more people.

1.What is your husband's full name? Bryan Kieth Livingston

2.How long have you been married? Almost 10 yrs

3.How long did you date? About 8 months (thats from dating to actual marrage date.)

4.How old is he? He's 32

5.Who eats sweets? More me.

6.Who said I Love you first? Bryan.

7.Who is taller? Bryan

8.Who can sing best? Uh, depends on song? LOL!!

9.Who is smarter? Bryan.

10.Who does laundry? ME! I HATE LAUNDRY!

11.Who pays the bills? Bryan!!

12.Who sleeps on the right side? Me

13.Who mows the lawn? We hire a lawn mowing/landscaping company to do it..

14.Who cooks dinner? We both do. Just depends on what's going on. (ditto Julie)

15.Who drives? Probley me. He wants to but i say no cause i like to! LOL!

16.Who's first to admit when they are wrong? I don't think either of us are good at this!

17.Who kissed who first? He kissed me.

18.Who asked who out first? Bryan asked me out first.

19.Who wears the pants? We both do.

Ok, Now I have to tagg 4 people: I tag everyone!!