Thursday, January 29, 2009

Found This

Brookelyn has been really into writing in her diary or journal these days. I guess right after christmas Bryan showed her how she could write a journal entry on the computer and save it. She has only done it this one time, but i thought it was cute. Fun to look through a child eyes. Its short, but you get the jist.

Brookelyn's entry-
It was Christmas the day after yesterday and I got a Baby Alive. My brother got a viking ship. My mom got a TV. My dad got some photos of the family. My baby got a set of cars.
Next year, I want a doll my brother Pokémon balls and my baby cars. Christmas is my favorite holiday. I like Christmas so does my brother. Do you like Christmas?

Sunday, January 25, 2009

So Nasty and SAD

I pride myself on the fact that I havent ever had a total public desiter happen with any of my kids. Yes, I have had a few tatrums in public here and there, but usually it gets nipped in the bud really fast. Well, that was the case until yesterday.

For those who are squemish perhaps you shouldnt read. This is so sad and I felt very bad. Ok, here it goes. I had went out yeterday afternnon to get a few errands done. I have not been felling well the last week with a cold (still suffering by the way) so alot of things didnt get done this week, like groceries ect. so i was feeling pretty good Saturday, so off I went with Brookelyn in tow. I had done a few stops then proceded to my last errand at Walmart. All was well, until halfway in the middle of the shopping. Brooke looked at me and said, "my tummy kinda hurts mom." Totally out of the blue, and she didnt sound to pressing so I said "ok, were almost done, then we will go home." I went down the salt seasoning isle, and as I was looking for some Italian Seasoning, Brooke shouts my name, and PROJECTILE, brown Vomit sparays everywhere! And alot of of it. I Have NEVER seen a 7 yr old puke like that. It was so sad cause she was so embarrassed, didnt feel good, and she threw up for quite awhile. After sge was done, and we were both covered in puke, I put my jacket on top of the mess, sat Brooke down and went to the next isle where I new a worker was. She was a cute older lady that could not of been more sweet. She came over talked to Brooke, and even gave me a hug. Then another lady came over who was shopping and said she works at Walmart (today was her day off) and reissured me this happens all the time. At this point I got Brooke calmed down and somewhat cleaned up. Walmar cleaning people showed up, were very discreet and gave me a trash bag to put the solid jackets in. They then esscorted me to a close register, opened it up for me, rang me out in fast time. Re-assured me again and off we went. She threw up once in the car on the drive home, and has continued to puke all night and most of this morning. She seems to be a little better now, so we will see about school tomorrow.

I am so thankful and appreciated for the nice people at Walmart who took a TOTALLY BAD EMBARRASSED NASTY situation and were ver cool about it. Honestly, it was a relif, I guess now I have entered into a new righthood of mommy dum. Woo hoo!

Well, i am off to do a a load of stinky laundry, bedding i should say. And to go say a quick prayer cause Brenin just came in the room and puked and Vince just informed me his tummy hurts. OY YEA!

Sorry for the graphic blog, and I promised no puke was on food in the isle so please dont think your seasoning from Walmart may have dried puke on it. LOL! Sorry.