Thursday, January 17, 2013


Disneyland is healing for the soul. I love Disneyland. I often wish I lived in Cal so I could get a year family pass, I totally would you know, I had the opportunity to go 2 times last year. First in March after Rykers funeral with Brooke to get away. That was such a great distraction, and a time to be able to laugh again. Brooke and I made a lot of memories on that trip. and it really helped me to just disappear for a week.

Next time we came with the whole family in October. That was also very fun. It was a different visit this time with the family cause the kids were all old enough to really enjoy it , We stayed a week. Took the kids out of school, don't report me please. :) and just had a good time. I"m telling you I still get gitty as a child when I go to that place. I love that we have the means and opportunities to go. And that my kids are always asking to go on any vacation. Man, if Walt Disney was alive to see the love people have for this place ad his imagination........ I need to go soon I just decided> :)

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