Wednesday, December 26, 2012

We're back!!!

Oh man its been to long. I decided since Santa ,who is very handsome by the way, got me a new windows 8 tablet/laptop for Christmas I would start up the old blog again. Did you all miss me? Anyway, hello again, to all my old friends and new.

We Definetly have been through a lot since my last entry. We moved. Got all kids in full time school. Bryan's business growing by leaps and bounds, and lastly, most important, but not the happiest we added to our family. Ryker Reece was born Jan 4 2011 , but we lost him in April of the same year. Ryker was the most strongest fighting baby you ever met. He was born with a lot of odds against him, and although the outcome was not desired he still defied many odds. Without going into all the details (since most of you know his story anyway) he passed because of a diaphragmatic hernia, and multiple holes in his heart. We love and miss him everyday. But Heaven feels a little closer now in our home.

The kids are growing by leaps and bounds. Brookelyn is 11 but will be 12 in March. That thought just about kills me! Me having a 12 yr old. Yikes! She is still as sweet as she can be. She has many friends and is also just a friend to all. She loves art and is very creative. She is growing up to a fine young lady. Vincent is 9. Bryan and I are sure he is probly going to grow up to be a lawyer cause he will argue with you about anything. He is also such a clown. He is a sensitive boy. He to has a lot of friends. Exspecially a core group in our neighborhood wich he calls "the crew". Brenin is 6. He is in the first grade and is so smart, He really is a fast learner. He is so sweet and so diplomatic. He is always the first one to offer you a snuggle. Bryan is enjoying success with and other projects. He has hired employees now and is really still loving his work. He has a office space in Pleasant Grove about 5 minutes away and it has all been such a blessing. Im doing well. I continue to have my good moments and bad moments but we have such a hudge support system that im always being lifted up. Im still a busy mom but enjoying my "alone" time during the day and hoping to get into some projects that are constantly on my mind. I really cannot even begin to complain about this awesome life im living. Its a constant learning expierence everyday but I probly wouldn't change it for the world. The good, bad and the ugly!

I hope I can be regular on my blog posting. My hopes are to at least try to do it at least 1 a week but im not going to bet on that just yet. But then again, it is almost a new year...and anything is possible. :) Till next time!

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Livingston said...

My that is a handsome Santa!